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6 Best PDF Maker Apps – You Must Try

The most common work done by an adult working life is creating PDF. PDF making  is also a hard task done through mobile built in applications. We need to rely on some applications to make a PDF. The PDF is either composed of written format or photographs. We can also store bulk information in concise format and also can be shared in one go. 

In case you misplace your books, these PDFs can assist you in passing your tests. But finding PDF making apps is a hectic process. So we are presenting you with the 06 best applications through which PDF making can be a piece of cake.

Top 06 PDF Makers of All Time

These are our all time favorites and we hope that these will make your PDF making process easy.

01 Scanner Go

Scanner Go is a sophisticated pdf camscanner and doc scanner application that allows you to scan documents from anywhere at any time. With the CS Scanner app, you can scan, store, archive, and share documents. Using the camscanner go app, this Image to Pdf Converter organizes and turns your images into a single PDF file.

Scanner-on-the-go (Scanner-on-the-Go) CamScanner is the best camera scanner app in India. It converts your phone camera into a PDF scanner or maker.Scanned files can be readily shared as PDF or JPG files. Scan to pdf is an easy to use PDF converter tool.

02 Document Scanner- Cam scanner, PDF Maker

Document Scanner is a versatile Cam Scanner and Doc Scanner programme that allows you to scan documents anywhere and at any time. They can be scanned, saved, archived, and shared.

It converts your phone’s camera into a PDF scanner or creator. Scanned files can be readily shared as PDF or JPG files. App for converting PDFs that is simple to use.

Document Scanner is the best document scanner and a must-have app for folks who are constantly on the road for work. PDF Conversion is fully offline in this Doc scanner and does not require an internet connection.

03 Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app is the most popular PDF viewer in the world, with over 635 million downloads. With this premier, freePDF viewer and file organizer, you can save your files online and read PDF files from anywhere. PDF files can be browsed, shared, annotated, and electronically signed.

Acrobat Reader can be used as a PDF editor to modify text and graphics, as a PDF converter to export to and from PDF, or for more complex capabilities such as creating PDFs and merging documents. With a paid subscription, you may create PDF documents, organize PDFs, and much more.

Permission is required for Acrobat to browse, view PDFs, edit, comment on, or sign documents. Acrobat will not modify any of your documents without your permission.

#04 PDF Creator

If you want to create a PDF in PDF creator app follow the below steps:

  • Create rich text in the app, or copy and paste text from anywhere else.
  • Scan text into your document directly.
  • Choose from a variety of fonts, text colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Adjust the document margins as necessary.
  • Drag and drop photographs into place, resize, and rotate them.
  • Create signatures and add them to the document.
  • As needed, add pages, alter page number style and color.
  • All papers are stored and can later be updated and reused to produce new PDF files.
  • Use the app to open, share, print, or delete PDF files.
  • Add photos and text from other applications to the existing or new document by sharing and sending them to PDF Creator.
  • Create PDF documents from images

You can disable printing, text or picture copying, and document modification in PDFCreator. To restrict PDF files in various ways, you can select between two sorts of passwords: user and owner. The first is required to open the PDF file, while the second is required to modify the password and permissions.

#05 Image to PDF Converter- JPG to PDF, PDF Maker

You can convert the image to a pdf easily and safely! You can use a password to protect the pdf with this pdf creator (also can be regarded as a pdf editor).  This free pdf converter programme has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to convert photographs to pdf. You can merge multiple pictures to a single pdf file and share it as you like.This app is not only used for changing a photo to a pdf converter, but also a pdf creator with additional pdf editor features.

You may either convert jpg to pdf from the gallery or snap photographs with the camera and convert them to pdf afterwards.

#06 Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scan scanner software transforms your device into a sophisticated portable scanner that automatically recognises text (OCR) and saves to a variety of file formats, including PDF and JPEG.

Wherever you are, download the finest free mobile scanner to convert images and documents into PDF and JPEG files. You may simply digitize books, business cards, and business receipts using OCR technology and retrieve them via the Adobe Document Cloud. Adobe Scan is the PDF converter of choice for millions of people all around the world. Scan images to high-resolution PDFs or JPEGs and share them more easily than before.

This sophisticated scanner tool does the work for you by automatically detecting papers and receipts in your images and converting them to PDF scans.

OCR converts text into material that you can modify, resize, and reuse in other documents automatically.

Final Note

In this article, we addressed the best 06 PDF maker apps. We hope that it will help you to convert documents, photos into PDF without any problem. If you have any queries you can post your doubts in the comment section. If you like this article please Bookmark our page and stay up for more updates.




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