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Auto Cursor: Best App to Use Large Phones with Single Hand

Here is an app that helps a lot of people carrying large screen mobiles and its nothing but Auto cursor app. These days many people are carrying heavy gadgets which may be somewhat difficult to use with a single hand.

To overcome this issue there are a few apps that make using such large mobiles easier.

Auto cursor app as the name suggests has a cursor or you can also say a pointer and one end of the screen. This cursor will help you reach any site on your mobile without finding it as difficult as you do with your hand. This saves your time and also gives you a good user experience. 

What exactly the auto cursor app is and how it works and what are the best features of the app? To know all these scroll down and go through our total post that provides you the total information about the Auto cursor app.

What is the Auto Cursor App and How to Use it?

Auto cursor is the app that makes the usage of large smartphones easier. This app provides the cursors or pointers that arise from the edges of your mobile screen.

To get access to the app Firstly visit the Google play store on your device and click on the install option to get the app on your device. As you download the app it will ask you to grant permission to perform the actions on your device. Allow all the permissions so that you can use the app on your device.

As you complete all the basic things you can choose the trigger it is right, left or bottom. It means that from where you need to open the cursor left, right or bottom. After selecting it complete all the formalities and that’s it you can use the cursor happily.

You can click or double click or drag the cursor to whatever site on the screen. And also you can change the triggers, trackers according to your will.

Best Features of Auto Cursor App

Here are a few features that make the auto cursor app the best one. Various actions that this app can provide are:

  • The app allows you to click on the back button, previous apps, recent page etc.
  • The app allows you to open the notifications and lock screen and also allows you to take screenshots.
  • You can copy or paste anything using the app and also arrange various settings using the auto cursor app.

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Auto cursor app is free and comes with no ads but a premium version of this app is also available which gives you a few more benefits as mentioned below:

  • Completely change the tracker.
  • You can drag the cursor wherever you need by having a long press.
  • You can also launch an app or a shortcut using the premium version of the app.
  • It also gives you access to recent app menus.

Final Words

Here ends our post on the Auto cursor app. The Auto cursor  app is really a great option for those who like large smartphones but feel difficult to use them due to their large screens. Hence you can try this app to make it easier using your large smartphones. 

Hope this post was useful to you and if you are struggling with any questions you can reach us at any time. We are happy to help you.



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