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Transparent Live Wallpaper – Exploring Uniqueness

Being smartphone addicts many are particular with their wallpapers. What about exploring the Transparent live wallpaper? With much innovation the app has come with providing a transparent screen as well as astonishing live wallpapers that adds a perfect look to your smartphone. Let’s explore the Transparent live wallpaper app more to understand its attractive features and get on to your smartphone.

The Transparent Live Wallpaper app comes with four options to choose from. When you install the app you will be displayed 4 options which include Transparent Screen and Live wallpaper as well. For turning your screen into Transparent frame you need to turn on your mobile’s back camera after installing and selecting the transparent screens option.

This transparent Live Wallpaper enables you to have an eye on your surroundings while using your mobile. Isn’t it interesting? Now, you will be able to watch the things around you and also use your smartphone without turning around your head. Just with a click you will be now able to turn your opaque smartphone screen into an attractive and unique transparent wallpaper.

Apart from transparent screens various Live wallpapers are also available within the app that can bring a lot of uniqueness and fun to your smartphone. Leaving these apart you can also make your screen shine like stars with its LED feature. Enabling the LED frame you will be able to add a frame of LED light on your screen which comes as lines. The best part of the Transparent Live Wallpaper app is that these LED frame lines can be adjusted in various aspects like speed, color and width which is the best add on. 

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Worried about how to use the app? Here you go! The primary thing is the installation of the app. Just search for the Transparent live wallpaper app on Google play store and click install. For setting the transparent wallpaper on your mobile screen you need to move to the settings option in the app and then select “install wallpaper”. Later, choose “set transparent Live Wallpaper option”. The work doesn’t end here. You need to enable your camera for enjoying the Transparent view from your smartphone screen.

If you want to add some other wallpapers like 3D parallax wallpapers or LED frames then scroll through all the options and select one. Also the app provides scheduling of your wallpapers so that they change time to time giving your smartphone a dynamic touch. 


What are you waiting for? Get the transparent Live Wallpaper app soon on your smartphone and showcase your wallpaper uniqueness to the world! Any queries? We are here to help you out. Looking for your experience with the app if you have used it. Embrace the uniqueness of the app and be the updated version of yourself! 



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