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How to Get a PDF or XML Backup of Contacts, Calls and SMS in Your Mobile

Previously getting the Call logs and SMS logs was very difficult. But nowadays due to the advances in technology it has become quite simple and less hectic.

There are many apps to help you get your call and SMS history but only a few can help you get an .xml or .pdf file for the same. And E2PDF is one such app that I have come across.

As a person who needs to attend many business calls it’s always difficult for me to get hold of my calls and remember them, and the same goes with the SMS.

I was searching for some sort of solution which can help me have a list of my calls and SMS on the go so that I can tally my work sheets and have some peace of mind while working.

E2PDF can help you do many things like,

  • You can have the SMS statistics or SMS logs of your contacts.
  • You can even have SMS stats of a single conversation.
  • You can get the call history of your calls in a range of time (say 1 month).
  • You can also get the call logs of a specific contact.
  • And this can also help you get the contacts list you have in your device.

That being said, this will provide you a backup of everything whatever I have mentioned above, and you can save these backups as both .xml and .pdf files.


The ease of use is the main thing that makes E2PDF stand out from its competitors. Wondering how to get this wonderful app?

You can always download it from the Play Store. All you need to do is; 

Open Play Store >> Search for E2PDF >> Now select the DayDream LLC’s E2PDF app >> Now hit the install button. 

After getting the app you just need to go with the on screen instructions and you can have your own .pdf or .xml files as you requested. For making things easy here I have listed the steps for you.

How to Get a PDF Backup of Calls, Contacts and SMS Using E2PDF App

Step 01: Firstly install the app and open it. 

Step 02: Now grant it the permission it asks and proceed further. 

Step 03: Now tap on the options which you like. For example: SMS Statistics, Contact Statistics, Call Logs, and Others. 

Step 04: Then select PDF Backup and press Click to Continue. 

Step 05: Now name the file and press create and save the file. 

How to Get a PDF Backup of Calls, Contacts and SMS Using E2PDF App

Repeat the above steps just as they are but in the 4th step select XML Backup. And you are good to go. 

Remember: You can only backup SMS and Call logs as .xml files, and PDF backups can be done for all sorts of options you have in the app. 

Final Words

E2PDF is really a fantastic app to get backups of Calls, Contacts, and SMS of any kind. This app also offers a restore app which really comes handy for businessmen. 

If you ever thought to have a backup of anything which is mentioned here, I really recommend using E2PDF. 

That being said, let’s end our post. Hope you enjoyed and learnt something new from here. Do subscribe to the newsletter to get more latest info about stuff like this, or you can even bookmark our page for future use. 




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