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How to Secure or Protect Your WhatsApp Chat

Many of us have that one chat in our WhatsApp which we may think to hide, as it is kinda private to us. Especially if you are living in a place with more people or your mobile is operated by any other person.

There is no need to be shy about this because everyone does, so do I. So, for this reason I was always in search of an app that can help me hide my chats on WhatsApp.

But wherever I go I have always ended up with apps that can only lock the entire WhatsApp, and not the specific chat. And if I do so people may doubt me as an introvert. After a long search I got this awesome app named ‘Lock for Whats Chat’.

Lock for Whats Chat App: This is an application which will help you hide your personal chats, yes only the selected chats which you pick instead most of the apps that lock the WhatsApp itself.

With the help of this app you can lock particular person’s chat with a pin or password, and can be only accessed with the password.

How to Get the Lock for Whatsapp Chat?

As said there are many apps that are working on this, but Lock for Whats Chat is something out of the box. And this app is available on Play Store, thus you can get this just like any other app on Play Store. Here’s what you can do,

Step 01: Open Play Store on your device.

Step 02: Search for Lock for Whats Chat. You will get many apps, so to make it simple for you, here’s how it looks,


Step 03: Now tap on it and click the install button.

Step 04: Once the installation is done, you should see it in your home menu. And that’s it!

You can also click on the download button below to get it with just a click.


How to Secure a Chat on WhatsApp?

Step 01: Once you got the app, open it.

Step 02: Now it will ask you for few permissions, please allow them as these are required for the proper functioning of the WhatsApp Lock.

Step 03: Now that you have done this, you need to set a pin for the Lock.

Step 04: Once done, you should select the chats or chat which you wanna hide or protect.

Step 05: After selecting press okay and it’s done.

Step 06: From now whenever you open that chat you need to enter the pin or password to access it.

That ends our topic! Hope you have learnt something new, and this was useful.

Use this app and hide or protect your private chats which you always wanted. If you are in need of any other such apps please comment below.

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