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How to Pay Using Google Pay: To Make Your Payment Easy

Online payments, UPI transactions are the most common terms we could possibly hear these days. They are more secure to handle the money rather than having hand cash. Making online payments is too easy but many of us weren’t aware of some procedures during the transaction. We can pay electricity bills, insurance, recharges and so on through online payment. These online payments have made the work easier and reduced the efforts. 

Google Pay is one of the widely used online payment applications that we come across. Google Pay has a wide range of features in correspondence with the online transactions, it is safe and can ensure easy methods in making transactions. But there are some who aren’t aware of using Google Pay for the required transactions, in order to make it up to you here are we letting you know about how to pay using Google Pay.

How to Pay Using Google Pay 

You can pay money to anyone whether a person is sitting besides you, for your friend or for any unknown person using Google Pay.

1. How to Pay Using Google Pay for Someone Beside You

If you want to send money to someone who is beside you via Google pay then make sure to follow the below given steps

Step 1: Install Google Pay

Check whether the Google Pay is set up in the individual mobile phone. If not, make sure to install it via Play store.

Step 2: Open Google Pay

Now open Google Pay by tapping on the icon on both the mobile phones.

Step 3: Click on Profile 

Tap on the profile symbol located in the top right corner.

Step 4: Click Spot code

Once again, tap on the profile symbol and click on spot code to get a pop-up of your QR code.

Step 5: Scan QR code

Now scan the QR code with the help of another mobile phone by tapping on the Scan any QR option located in the top left corner.

Step 6: Enter the amount

Now enter the amount you wish to send and select the form of payment.

Step 7: Hit proceed to pay

Now, tap on proceed to pay option in order to process your payment.

Step 08: Enter UPI pin

Last but not least, enter your UPI pin for your payment transaction.

2. How to Pay Your Friends Using Google Pay

If you are friend is need in money, and you want to pay for the same, for paying don’t skip the steps given below

Step 1: Open Google Pay

Make sure to enter the correct Google pin to open your Google Pay. Unfortunately, if you forgot the pin, then tap on the forgot pin option to undergo further verifications.

Step 2: Select the contact

Once you have transferred money to a respective person, you will have the icon of the person on the home page. Tap on the person icon to have further transactions.

Step 3: Enter the amount

Now enter the desired amount and select the form of payment.

Step 4: Click on proceed to pay

After selecting your account, hit on the pay option to process your payment.

Step 5: Enter UPI pin

Enter the correct UPI pin for further transactions. If not, your payment will be canceled.

3. How to Pay for Unknown Individuals Using Google Pay

If you want to pay for some unknown persons via Google Pay.  You can pay money through your Google Pay by using the below steps

Step 1: Click Google Pay icon

Now open the Google Pay by tapping on the Google Pay icon.

Step 2: Tap on New Payment

Scroll the homepage and hit on the New Payment option.

Step 3: Enter the phone number

Now enter the phone number of a respective person to whom you want to transfer. Thoroughly check the details before a transaction to avoid unnecessary transactions.

Step 4: Click Pay

After selecting the number, tap on the pay option located at below left corner.

Step 5: Enter the amount

Enter the amount and select the form of payment. Now tap on proceed to pay option for the processing of the payment.

Step 6: Enter the UPI pin

Now enter the correct UPI pin for further transactions. Once the transaction is completed, it will be notified through a message.

4. How to Pay Electricity Bill Using Google Pay

Nowadays technology has been updated for every necessity, so you can pay any bill, for example electricity bill from anywhere. The below steps will assist you to pay the bill from your respective account.

Step 1: Open Google Pay 

Firstly, open Google Pay by entering the Google pin.

Step 2: Select New payment 

Now click on the new payment option in the home page.

Step 3:Hit on the Bill payment button

Select the Bill payment button located in the top right corner and click on electricity.

Step 4: Select electricity supply corporation

The main step is selecting an electricity supply corporation. If you select wrong, then further transactions will not be possible.

Step 5: Click on Get Started

If your account is not linked, then click on the “Get Started” option to link.

Step 6: Enter electricity bill number

Now enter your electricity bill number and account name for reference. After entering, check whether the details are correct. Finally, click on the link “account option” in order to link your account.

Step 7: Hit on Pay Bill

Now you can pay by tapping on the “Pay Bill” option.

Step 8: Choose bank account

Select the bank account you want to use for making the payment and click on the proceed to pay option and enter your pin for further transactions.

Final Note

If your transaction to your contact’s bank account is unsuccessful, the bank may debit money in the respective person’s account or may later refund it. In this instance, updates will be provided through SMS. Paying money through any app will be easy but if any one mistake can lead to complete loss of money. So, don’t believe in unnecessary giveaways, links because anyone will not give the money for free unless they have any benefits.

We hope How to pay using Google pay post will make your payments easy. If you have any doubts, post it in the comment section. For more updates, stay tuned.



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