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How to Open Google Word Coach in 5 Easy Steps

Google word coach as the name suggests this is just like a teaching coach. This will make you learn many new words, that too as a game. The best part of this is it’s just like quiz game and you can always find this on

So, if you want to learn some new words and increase your vocabulary (especially for IELTS aspirants) Google word coach is a pretty good option. But, how will you access or open Google word coach? And how will you learn new words?

To answer these questions I have listed the best possible way to open the Google word coach in your Android or iOS device.

5 Easy Steps to Open Google Word Coach on Any Device

Many people say that google word coach can only be opened, or is only available for android mobile users. But that’s not so true! You can open Google word coach in almost every type of mobile device.

For this, you just need to have a device which has a browser installed in it (google is preferred), and also a proper internet connection.

Here’s the best process you can apply to open Google word coach in any mobile browser,

Step 01: Grab your mobile and if you have a google chrome browser just open it, or if you have any other browser (like Safari, Edge, or any other) just open it and search for, the google search engine should open for you within the browser.

Step 02: Now in the search bar type “Google word coach”, or you can also type any word meaning (example mine meaning).

Step 03: This should get you Google word coach box in the search results. Navigate to that!

Step 04: All you need to do this select the answer for the questions asked.

Step 05: That’s that simple! This is how simple it is to open Google word coach on your mobile.

Note: Google word coach can only be accessed on mobile devices, PCs and computers do not support this!

Bonus: Simple and Easy Way to Open Google Word Coach

If you need a simple and best possible way to open Google word coach on your mobile. Here’s how to do it.

Just click on this Google word coach link, and it will open the game for you (remember only mobile!) in browser. Thus you can bypass the above mentioned steps, and save time.

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The only thing you need to remember is if it’s Google it’s worthy to try and play! I am pretty sure that this game will help non-native english speakers to a great extent. Why are you here yet? Why not try Google word coach now!

Have some more questions or queries about this? Then our FAQs might help you out.

FAQs – Related to Google Word Coach

I have listed all almost frequently asked queries about Google word coach here. Hope these might help you out.

Q1. What Exactly is Google Word Coach?

Ans. Google word coach is a quiz game which is an initiative of google, this was started in the year 2018. The main objective of this programme is to help non-native english speakers learn new words to improve their grammar and vocabulary. 

Q2. How to Play in Google Word Coach?

Ans. Playing Google word coach is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to do is select the right option from the given two options in the game, and if the option is correct you will get about 120 points.  

Q3. Can I Win in Google Word Coach?

Ans. To be honest this is just a never ending process. You will be asked more and more questions once you have completed the slot. However, you can end the game at any point you wish. As the game asks you about 5 questions in a single slot, you can try to get a perfect score in 5 questions and claim yourself as a winner.

Q4. What Type of Questions are Asked in Google Word Coach?

Ans. Google word coach has many questions to ask, but most of the questions wander around synonyms (similar), antonyms (opposite), and relatable images. 

Q5. Can You Download Google Word Coach?

Ans. Google word coach cannot be downloaded because this is a mobile web browser based game by Google, and this can only be played on the Google browser and nowhere else. 

Final Words

Google Word Coach is a good way to improve your English vocabulary. It is also an exciting and enjoyable approach to learn more about the languages and terminology. So, simply search for ‘Google Word Coach’ to open and begin the game.

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