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How to Set Cool Screen Lock Time Password

Are you bored with the old sort of lock screen password? Like to have some amazing screen lock password that Lively changes with time? If, yes, you have just made it to the right place!

How to Set Cool Screen Lock Time Password
How to Set Cool Screen Lock Time Password

For example, let’s assume that the present time is 04:45 then your phone lock screen password will be 0445, and if the time changes to 04:46 then your phone password changes to 0446. This can be possible with an amazing application Screen Lock Time Password, developed by Adria Devs.

Using this app you can always modify your lock screen password as said above. And not only provides this, it also offers other features like 3D wallpapers, different time formats, and whatnot!

So, how to download and install the Screen Lock Time Password? How to set the screen lock password? To know all these things we have to go deep into the post. So without making you wait more let’s go ahead!

What Is Screen Lock Time Password App?

As the name suggests, the Screen Lock Time Password App is an application with the help of which you can set your phone’s password which will change by time. Along with this it also provides other features that includes wallpapers, private browsing, secure lock screens, etc.

You may lock your phone in a new and spectacular way, which is far superior than the usual and standard manner. To be more precise, no one will be able to trace your phone’s password as it will be always changing.

Some Notable Features of Screen Lock Time Password App

  • You can Customise wallpaper for the lock screen.
  • You can apply HD Screen wallpaper or you can also choose them from Gallery.
  • You can Unlock sound enable/disable.
  • You can Unlock vibration enable/disable.
  • It supports both 12 hour and 24 hour format.
  • It consumes less memory and battery, Simple and Clean device.
  • Provides 100% safe and secure Screen Lock- Time Password.
  • You can Choose your own lock type.

It also offers a variety of password lock screen combinations, including Pin + Minute, Pin + Current Time, Pin + Day, Pin + Hour, and Pin passcode combinations. For your phone’s lock screen, you can select any one of these options.

Details of Screen Lock Time Password App

Read the information listed below, which includes specifications and other facts about this great app.

  • App Version – 1.3.4
  • Downloads – More than 5 Million
  • Developed by – Adria Devs
  • Released on – March 21, 2017

If you want to learn more about the app, you can visit the Play Store to know more.

Downloading and Installing the Screen Lock Time Password App to Your Device

Now, let us have a look over some of the ways that help you to download and install the Screen Lock Time Password App.

  1. First of all, download the app from Play Store, or click here to get the application.
  2. After this click on download, after it’s done, your phone’s security system will automatically scan this file to see if it is secure or not.
  3. Now this will get installed on your smartphone pretty quick.
  4. Simply double-click the application in your menu to open it.
  5. After the installation is complete, make sure you start the Screen Lock app and grant it the appropriate permissions.

How to Set the Screen Lock with Screen Lock Time Password Application? 

Follow the below given steps to set Screen Lock Time Password on your phone.

  • Start the Screen Lock Time Password app and then hit the ‘Enable Lock’ option’s slider.
  • By selecting the ‘Allow’ option, you may now provide the application the appropriate rights.

Select the recovery passcode option and configure the recovery passcode according to your preferences, then press the ‘Save’ option once the rights have been granted. If you forget your lock screen password combination, you can use it to log in to your phone.

Recovery Password


Things to Keep in Mind Before Downloading the Application

There are a few things to keep in mind before downloading not only this, but all other applications too…

  1. Check that you have enough space on your device or not, if not make space for the app (it is always recommended to have more free space than what is required).
  2. Check your network, if it isn’t good enough, please try to have a proper connection.
  3. Check if your device is compatible with the application or not.
  4. Make sure to have a scanning app to scan the forthcoming applications.

This one is especially for the Screen Lock Time Password Application: If you have any pre-installed lock screen applications please shed them off your device to have a good UI and best results.

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Wrapping Up

And that’s it! With the help of this Screen Lock Time Password App your screen password will automatically change in accordance with time. If you are among those juncture of privacy intruders, my best suggestion is to install this and stand out from their clusters.

This is a must have application, especially for introverts, who are always concerned about their privacy. Why are you here yet? Go Grab the app and end your hunt for privacy.

That’s it for the post! Hope you enjoyed the content as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. If you want more info about these types of apps, or any other technical info, try following us or subscribe to our newsletter.

Happy reading…!




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