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How to Set a Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock Screen for Your Android Device

These days, almost everybody possesses a gadget like a cell phone or a tablet for their own utilization while being attentive about protection. Setting up lock-screen assurance on your Android gadget is a basic fundamental, so you can be certain you’re the one in particular who can access your phone (you know, simply that you have some delicate data or sensitive information that you don’t want others to say).

How To Set Gold Zip Lock Screen On Your Phone
How To Set Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock Screen On Your Phone

Furthermore, most individuals like to gloat about the stylish allure and highlights of their gadget, that they purchased from their well deserved cash.

Is it accurate to say that you are somebody who is exhausted from opening your device the standard, worn out way for months? If yes, you arrived at the right place So how’s it done? It’s very basic, really, so how about we simply bounce directly into it.

Here comes the Digital North Star’s Gold Lock Screen app in play. As it fuses the answer for the two necessities of safety and style. Let’s jump into the insights of this application.

What is a Gold Lock Screen App?

Gold Zip Lock
Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock

This is a lock screen programme that offers a choice of unlocking styles, as well as several customization options and a secure safety function. With the gold-themed backgrounds and the flawless zipping movement, it offers your smartphone an enticing appearance.

It includes features such as Pattern Password Lock, lock screen backdrop changes, Row style, Zipper style, and a handy ‘Preview’ option. In addition, the apps allow you to turn on/off vibration on the go and display the date and time on the lock screen.

Do you want to know how to set up a Gold Lock Screen on your phone or tablet? Don’t be concerned! We’ve got your back.

Top Features of Zip Gold Lock Screen App

1. Bunch of themes (emoji puzzle, kids puzzle, unicorn puzzle, and whatnot! ) to choose from.
2. Setting up a beautiful wallpaper on the lock screen.
3. Almost all sorts of locks are available.
4. Zipper customisation for several styles.
5. Date, time can be displayed on the Zip screen.
6. Changing the font for the displayed info.
7. Preview option to enhance the convenience factor.

How to Install and Setup Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock Screen?

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Here’s a simple 8 step guide to install and setup the Tech Nukti Gold  Zip Lock Screen on your Android device.

Step-1: From the link above, download the Gold Lock Screen app.
Step-2: After the auto-installation has completed successfully, open it.
Step-3: Now, enable the lock screen option.
Step-4: Grant all the permissions the app seeks. This is necessary for the app to run.
Step-5: Now select your preferable designs, you can choose any available.
Step-6: Preview the Lock Screen by clicking on the Preview option.
Step-7: If it fits you, then toggle the Lock Screen option to enable the lock.
Step-8: That’s it you are good to go. Enjoy!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can readily conclude that this is a promising application for users that value both device safety and attractiveness.

It has all of the functions that every lock screen app needs while preserving that tempting royal appearance that many people crave. As a result, you may begin unzipping your device to unlock it in the manner that you wish.

I hope this was useful, and your search for Tech Nukti Gold Zip Lock Screen ends here!




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