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How to Make Maharashivratri T-Shirt Name Video Editing

Recently, photos and videos with the name Maha Shivratri T-Shirt are becoming the most viral. We all know that Maha Shivratri is coming. These videos are being created by everyone according to their own names. In this fashion, Shivji grasps the hand of a boy or girl while writing his name on the boy’s T-shirt. Due to this, it looks very amazing.

It is effortless to edit such a photo in a very short time. You can edit a photo like this. Below we will tell you step by step how to edit a photo and video of Mahashivaratri T-shirt

Mahashivratri t-shirt name photo video editing is trending a lot on all these short video platforms like Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts.

How to make Maharashivratri T-shirt name photo editing

  • First, you have to click on the photo creator button given below.


  • After clicking on it you have to log in there, you will find it as shown below.
  • Once you complete the login, write whatever you want in the prompt. We are going to make a Maha Shivratri T-Shirt Name Image, so we write it accordingly or else you can use the prompts.



  1. Create a mesmerizing 4k high resolution full HD & 3D photo type digital art of closeup of shiva holding hand walking with a teenage “girl” wearing a saffron tshirt written name “komal”, both smiling. background neon labels proudly display the caption “lord Shiva”, soft light reflection.


  1. Create a high-quality realistic image of an 18-year-old girl closeup of lord Mahadev with their devotee, the girl wearing a saffron t-shirt and jeans, and the written name ”Neha” Big and capital font on the t-shirt. both smiling. background neon labels proudly display the caption ” Happy Mahashivratri ”, a soft light reflection.
  • All you need to do now is to just copy and paste the prompts and edit the name as you wish. The prompt is available for both boys and girls.
  • After that, click on the photo you like, click on the three-dot line, and click on the download button.


Draw an Illusive girl Close-up of God Mahadev walking holding hands with a 20 year old girl wearing a saffron t-shirt with Goddess Parvati The girl’s t-shirt has the name “Khushi” written on it in big and bold letters. All three are smiling. Background neon label proudly displaying the title “Happy Mahashivratri “, soft light reflection.

4. Create a mesmerizing 4k high resolution full HD and 3D photo type digital art of Lord Shiva sitting in meditation on white mountain with trident in hand Next to him a 20 year old smart and loving boy is sitting wearing yellow hoodie and on his hoodie It is written Sandeep and his face is towards the camera and he is wearing black glasses and also has sandalwood on his forehead.

5. Create a 3D realistic image of a 19 year old boy pouring milk from a brass pot of worship on the linga of Lord Shiva in the beautiful temple of Somnath, The boy is wearing a yellow hoodie with Sandeep written on it, he is looking very beautiful, Smiling, Realistic Shiva Image and Tilak on Head, Realistic Picture, Indian Form, Real Form, Real Shivalinga,

How to make Mahashivratri t-shirt video editing

After downloading the pictures follow the below steps

Step 1: Download any editing app like VN and open it, select the photos you have downloaded, and edit according to your interest like choosing the frame, background, and the length of the video (like if you want it for 10 mins or 12 mins) and export the video. then the video will be saved.

Step 2: If you want to add effects to the video then just go to Play Store and download the protonVPN app and you will find a connect button, press it, and then it will start connecting.

Step 3: once it is connected go back to Chrome and search for the Healing Thailand CapCut template(make sure the VPN app is connected in the background). You will find a link, click on it, and scroll you will find “use template in capcut” Press it, and once again click on the “use template” and you will find the downloaded video of your album there.


Step 4: Select the video and it will take a few seconds to load then click on the Export button and select Export without watermarks. If you want you can also add music. Your video is ready now.



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