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How to Disable the Autocorrect Option on Your Android Device

Autocorrect, like most smartphone capabilities, has its advantages and disadvantages, especially if you’re a sloppy typist. After all, no algorithm can ever really comprehend what you’re attempting to type.

How to Disable the Autocorrect Option on Your Android Device
How to Disable the Autocorrect Option on Your Android Device

 Everyone has an autocorrect storey about how their phone or tablet modified their writing after they had typed it and completely ruined a discussion.

If you find yourself making these autocorrect mistakes frequently, you might want to disable autocorrect. Fortunately, if you have an Android device, you can disable autocorrect with a few taps.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Android?

Gboard comes preinstalled on most Android smartphones by default. If you’re using Gboard, you can disable autocorrect by following our instructions.

If you use one of the many third-party keyboards for Android, however, the instructions may vary significantly. For more information, consult the official literature of the keyboard processor.

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The choice to turn off Gboard’s autocorrect is buried deep within your phone’s Settings menu. You’ll need to enter Gboard settings to get there.

  • First you have to navigate to the settings app.
  • Then go to the system and tap languages and input and then the virtual keyboard.
  • There will be a wide list of keyboards select Gboard in the settings app.


  • Open your keyboard and long-press the comma key.
  • Now tap the gear symbol that appears for a speedier option.

Select Text correction and, under the Corrections header, slide the toggle for Auto-correction into the Off position once you’ve reached Gboard’s settings using either approach.

If you’re using a different Android keyboard, the instructions might be different. Any keyboard you’ve installed should show up in the Settings app’s Virtual keyboard section. You’ll need to look for the relevant setting once you’ve opened it.

Autocorrect, for example, can be found under Typing > Typing & Autocorrect > Autocorrect in SwiftKey.

Advantages of Turning Off Autocorrect

There are a few situations where it’s better to turn off autocorrect. Autocorrect may cause more harm than good if you type a lot of proper names or use a new vernacular that the Android built-in dictionary hasn’t yet caught up with.

If you’re bilingual and regularly jump between languages while typing, turning off autocorrect can help.

How to Turn On Autocorrect on Android?

You can always re-enable the autocorrect feature if you change your mind later.

Simply follow the steps below to turn it on again

  • Go to System > Languages and input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard in the Settings app.
  • Alternatively, open the keyboard and hit the gear symbol while holding down the comma key.
  • Scroll down to the Corrections section after selecting Text correction.
  • Locate the Auto-correction toggle and slide it to the On position.

Because autocorrect isn’t flawless, it’s all on whether you find it beneficial rather than frustrating. You can realize that turning it off gives you more satisfaction.




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