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Best Voice Changing App to Prank Your Friends

Have you ever planned to prank your friend? I know most of you did. But how you gonna prank them by sitting home? What if I say yes you can prank anyone you know sitting home? Yes it’s possible with an app named MagicCall.

What is the MagicCall App?

As the name suggests, the MagicCall app will allow you to call your friends using different voices. The name magic describes that this app works just as a voice changing magic tool.

MagicCall provides you with a Calling experience unlike any other. You can alter your voice during every live call in real-time and have a fun and interesting discussion with your friends by using the application.

To understand this app more better let’s have a look over the features it offers.

Notable Features of MagicCall

MagicCall has many features to offer like

  1. Changing Voice in Real-Time: You can change your voice before calling anyone on your contact list.
  2. Switching Between Voices: You can switch between as many voices as you can throughout the call.
  3. Voice Testing: You can always test the voice before calling, so that you can be sure about the voice you are using for the call.
  4. Voice Emoticons: You can also use the voice emoticons over the call to make sounds of claps, kisses, fart and many more.
  5. Wide Range of Voice Options: You can always select from the wide range of voices you want, this app has many voice types like, Male, Female, Kid, and Cartoon voice.

How to Install the MagicCall App on Your Device?

It doesn’t matter if you are using an Android or iOS device, you can have this wonderful app on your devices just as any other app, it’s pretty straightforward.

How to Install MagicCall App on Android?

Visit the Playstore, and type MagicCall, you will get many apps on the list. So for a better understanding here’s how it looks.

Click the app and install it on your device.

How to Install MagicCall App on Android?

It’s just the same as before, visit the apple store and search for the MagicCall app, here how it looks.

How to Make Calls Using MagicCall App?

Follow the below steps to make calls using the MagicCall app.

Step-1: To begin, launch the app and register providing your phone number or any required information.

Step-2: Choose a voice. Pick one that appeals to you. You may also use these to check before calling any number.

Step-3: You can also choose a background sound from the list if you want.

Step-4: Select the contact from your Phonebook that you want to call.

Step-5: Begin the conversation.

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The app also has a refer and earn feature where you can refer anyone and earn scratch cards that can be used to get the credits within the app and use them to make calls. Like this you can have unlimited calls with the help of MagicCall app.

Hope you found out the best and funny way to prank your friends sitting home, using the MagicCall app. If you liked this post be sure to spread the info. Have fun!




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